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Jimmy P's Butcher Shop & Deli, Naples, Florida

Hot Pastrami Sandwich with Melted Provolone, Mustard and Pickles
Is it just me or is the neighborhood butcher/deli becoming a thing of the past?  Last Christmas, my family traveled back to the east coast of Florida to celebrate the holiday with family.  My mom elected my husband and I chefs for the weekend (I hope because everyone thinks we are great cooks).  We happen to think that the basis of a good family meal is really good meat.  And so began my mission of locating a quality butcher in my old hometown.  Now perhaps it had just been too long since I'd been back, but I simply couldn't find a decent butcher in all of St. Lucie County.  It's kind of funny considering that the northwestern part of the county is dominated with cattle ranches.   I combed the phonebook and drove up to north Fort Pierce and back down into south Port St. Lucie.  Nearly every place listed in the "big yellow book" as a butcher turned out to be a large ethnic grocery.  And while I love ethnic food and will eat pretty much anything, my family was not going to accept chicken feet, pigs ears and tripe on their holiday menu.   All I wanted was a decent package of steaks and instead I wound up at Publix.  (Sorry Publix.  I do love you, but your meat just doesn't cut it.)

Lucky for me, Naples does have a tried and true butcher shop and that place is Jimmy P's.  Any true "fan of the cow" in Naples (e.g., my son) knows that the best steaks in town can only be found at Jimmy P's.    And once you've bought a steak from Jimmy P's you will be hooked.  My husband drives all the way across town once a week for our weekly ration of hangar and flank.  And, after its grilled and on my plate, I am reminded of just why he does this.  Jimmy P's specializes in selling Kobe (Wagyu) beef and all beef lovers know that is some good stuff.  Densely marbled, tender and flavorful, it doesn't require much seasoning to be pleasing to the tastebuds.  Admittedly, it is pricey, but, if you love food, it is also worth it.  And, if you are adept at grilling the less popular and less expensive cuts, you won't feel so guilty indulging.   

Jimmy P's is always well stocked with beef and other delicious meats:  heritage pork, poultry, lamb and veal.  Jimmy P's also carries game meats like venison, duck, quail and rabbit.  Meats are vacuum sealed or wrapped to retain the wonderful juices.  One look at their photo album (click here) and you'll see the quality of their selection for yourself.  But Jimmy P's isn't just a butcher shop, it is also a deli and grocery offering a selection of cheeses, deli meats, cold salads, vegetables and other offerings needed to put together a great dinner.  Those who stop by can also order prepared foods to go.  Or enjoy a nice lunch, made to order.  Last weekend, during our weekly run, I enjoyed a hot pastrami sandwich with melted provolone cheese.  If you love pastrami sandwiches like I do, you'll love the generously mounded and freshly sliced pastrami.  It makes for a very filling lunch, especially when paired with batter dipped onion rings.  You may know by now that I love a batter dipped ring and Jimmy P's rings do hit the spot.  But of course, some of the best stuff on their menu are the burgers.  My son loves these and expects to have one every time we are there, even if he's already eaten.  I told you already, he's a "fan of the cow".  And he's definitely a fan of Jimmy P's.  

If you are in Naples, the next time you find yourself contemplating a nice steak dinner made on your own grill, think about a visit to Jimmy P's.  I promise you, you won't be disappointed.  

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