Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anna Rose's Mini Review: Chef's Table, Stuart, Florida

Hi I'm Anna and I am a tiny food critic and today I am reviewing THE CHEF'S TABLE !!!!!! Now back to the food.  Anyway, I honestly thought that the food was ..... FANTASTIC!   I had a nice seafood soup.  The fish was nice and tender and the broth was very flavorful and the clams were elegantly cooked. What a FABULOUS  dinner.

Next was the dessert.  We had a creme brûlée.   The shell was burnt and that was not my favorite part. but I LOVVVVVVVVED the ice cream and its sugary flavor.

Next is service.  The people took a long time to get our food.  And I felt like the cooks weren't fast enough cookers.  Most people will prefer their food so slowly cooked so that it could be nice and tender.  But I prefer fast because that is what I'm used to.  I would cook at a high degree so that it will cook for less hours or minutes.  But I guess the chefs like it the other way around.  

I noticed that the waiters were walking very slowly to get to our tables.  I think they should have been walking fast because that's what you do in a restaurant when you have plenty of customers.  And I noticed that there were a lot of customers.  

And that's the end of my review!  To see my mom's review, click here!

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