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Doughnut Plant, New York, New York

Cashew and orange blossom doughseed with ginger peach tea

Cake or yeast?  Doughnut afficianados have long debated which type of doughnut reigns supreme.  Years ago I decided that yeast doughnuts are the only doughnuts that I love.  I don't know what it is about cake doughnuts that just doesn't appeal to me.  Okay, I do know.  All the cake doughnuts I've ever had are typically dense and dry.  Now how can that hold up against the light and fluffy yeast doughnut?  It just can't!  Well, that was until I went to Doughnut Plant.  I admit that I never thought I could ever love a cake doughnut but Doughnut Plant changed that forever.  They prove that a cake doughnut can taste just as a light and fluffy as any yeast doughnut.  That dense, hard as a rock cake doughnut just doesn't exist at Doughnut Plant.  At this popular NYC sweet shop, they are exactly what they are supposed to be:  yummy cakes shaped into round treats with that ubiquitous hole in the center.

Making my ginger peach tea!
And Doughnut Plant's doughnuts are more than just treats, they are epicurean art.  The menu offers a unique array of flavors, some seasonal and some year-long favorites, some fruity, some nutty and some very chocolately.  Alongside the traditional orbital shape, Doughnut Plant also offers square-shaped doughnuts and doughseeds (larger than your traditional doughnut hole) filled with delicious jams and creams.  For my tasting plate, I chose a "safe" tres leches cake doughnut, a vanilla bean and blackberry jam filled square doughnut and a cashew and orange blossom doughseed.   Each and every one of these were delicious.  All were sweet in that not-so-overwhelming way.  Yes, even that cake doughnut that I frankly saved for last and didn't even bite into until TWO days later.  (Okay, I shouldn't have waited so long to sink my teeth into this one.  I took it to go and admit I was setting up that cake doughnut for certain failure.  But these doughnuts keep amazingly well!  I now wonder how much better - if that is possible - it would have been had I bit into it upon order.  Oh cake doughnut I will never do you wrong again.)  And the ginger peach tea was just the right kind of palate cleanser.

Right to left:  tres leches cake doughnut, cashew and orange blossom doughseed
and vanilla bean & blackberry jam filled square doughnut

Those yummy doughnuts aside, Doughnut Plant is a fun eclectic little shop with a wall of brightly colored doughnut shaped pillows.  The staff are friendly and were more than willing to be the subject of my blog photos.  The other patrons were just like me, curious sweet treat lovers in search of the popular doughy goodness, some from nearby Westchester and the others from father away Myrtle Beach, SC.  We had a great time comparing notes and telling each other how much we loved these goodies.  When I come back, I won't be surprised if I find those ladies there again.  Doughnut Plant made a lot of new fans that day!

How much I spent:  My three doughnuts and ginger peach tea cost me $12.  Not bad.  Although next time I suspect I'll be walking out with a whole dozen!

My overall rating:  Heck, I'm giving this 5 spoons.  I love doughnuts and I can guarantee that I will be coming back to Doughnut Plant each and every time I go to NYC.  And with two locations (one near the East Village near Grand and Essex) and the other in Chelsea (on 23rd Street near 7th Ave.), I suspect I'll be able to make two stops in one day!

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Doughnut Plant on Urbanspoon

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