Thursday, January 1, 2015

Anna's Mini Review: Cafe Lurcat, Naples, Florida

Hello! Anna here.  
Guess what? I went to ...... Café Lurcat !!! 
My review is going to be an interesting one.

For dinner, I had chicken and gnocchi.  The gnocchi was delicious.  It was tender and soft.  There was also a mushroom sauce which was delish!  I loved it.  The chicken was thick but awesome.  I also tried some of my Daddy's pot roast.  It tasted just like my Momma's short ribs and my Momma's short ribs are the best!  

Now for the service.  Terrible.  The service was terrible.  The waiter forgot my dad's appetizer and one waitress thought that we were someone else and almost gave us the wrong food!  They also forgot the second basket of bread we asked for.  My Dad now never wants to go there again.  This is the first restaurant I ever rated one spoon!


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