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Martin Fierro Restaurant, Naples, Florida

Hanging Gauchos at Martin Fierro Restaurant
Photo provided courtesy of Martin Fierro Restaurant
Humans are territorial creatures.  We like our own space, our own stuff, our own plates.  Those of us who are from large families are probably guilty of lording over our food, eyeballing our siblings or children and telepathically communicating, “This steak is mine!  Don’t even think about touching it!”  But even as coveting as we might be, there is something very comforting about sitting at a table with family and friends and partaking in a family style meal.  Dividing and sharing food spoils with one another is one of the most social things we can do.  

There is a certain intimacy in the experience of the family dinner that draws us in.  The camaraderie at a table with bowls, spoons and smiles passed around along with conversation is something that most people enjoy and crave.  The iconography of the holiday dinner is proof that, despite our territorial nature, our desire for socialization and interaction is sometimes stronger.   So, when I find an opportunity to enjoy a family style meal with my family, I take it.  In Naples, Florida, Martin Fierro Argentinian and Uruguayan Steakhouse provides a unique opportunity for diners to enjoy a meal reminiscent of a family dinner at home while dining out.  

Known to some as “MFR”, Martin Fierro serves uniquely plated Argentinian and Uruguayan style dishes perfect for sharing.  Nearly all are cooked over an open flame grill open for viewing by those lucky enough to be seated at the head of the restaurant.   New diners at MFR are often attracted to the “hanging gauchos”, four large kebabs of jumbo shrimp, top sirloin, chicken and salchicha parrillera (Argentinian sausage similar to chorizo) skewered with grilled vegetables and hung over a generous plate of seasoned fries.  These portions demand to be shared, perfect for a date night or small family dinner. 

Larger groups who want more need look no further than MFR’s “parilladas”.  Served in three different varieties, Martin Fierro’s parilladas combine a selection of meats (and, if desired, seafood) served hot and sizzling on a table top grill, garnished with sprigs of rosemary speared into grilled lemons, peppers or tomatoes.   Flavored with MFR’s signature house-made chimichurri or crema, every meaty bite is generously seasoned and accompanied with two sides of the diners’ choice.   Adventurous diners looking for a truer South American dining experience can select fried plantains, tostones, or yucca.  Those wanting something more familiar can select among rice, salad, fries, mashed potatoes, potato salad, roasted root vegetables or mixed grilled vegetables.   

While these family plates are generally meant to be shared by couples, parents with young children may find these to be perfect for a family of four.   At Martin Fierro you can truly enjoy the camaraderie that makes family dining so special.  Its intimate space and culturally inspired décor evokes youthful memories of sitting at the dining room table with my own family.   

If family style dining isn’t your thing, MFR has an ample list of individually grilled cuts for those who desire more traditional dining service.   But, why would you?  You’d be missing out on a unique dining experience. 

Meat Lovers Parilladas
Photo courtesy of Martin Fierro Restaurant

Martin Fierro Restaurant
13040 Livingston Road #11, Naples
(239) 300-4777


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