Saturday, March 29, 2014

Anna's Mini Review: The Ravenous Pig, Winter Park, Florida

Hi every one!! Its me, Anna, and I'm reviewing The Ravenous Pig !!!!

So, I had the sea bass (it is so clear that it's fish).  It had a spread of what I think was some sort of pesto all over the plate and it also had a baby onion on my plate.  It had 3 slices of radish on my plate too. Since I don't like radishes I decided to not eat them.  But if you like them you could eat them.

Oh! And I had yellow tomatoes too!!!! I also had what think was a little bit of quinoa and romanesco, too. Now for the sea bass. My fish had a little bit of pepper and a nice amount of salt. It was very tender too. 

I also had a lemonade. It was a little sour. I had to put two packets of sugar.

Now the service. The service was quick and very good. No spills and no messes.  I had a really really good time.                

I give the Ravenous Pig 4 spoons!
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