Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bricktops, Naples, Florida

Bricktops Restaurant in the Waterside Shops.  Photo taken from

I don't typically write reviews about chain restaurants but today I make an exception for Bricktops.  Why?  Well, because I ate something exceptional yesterday and now I am in love with the Palm Beach salad.  Maybe it was just because I was in the mood for a good salad, but I think this is one darn good salad.  And, let's face it, it is very hard to find a truly good salad.  Many underestimate the salad as a dish.  I've come to the realization that we put in too little effort in preparing salads.  But now that I've committed myself to cleaner eating, salads are quickly becoming a staple in my diet.  The unimaginative mix of lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and lettuce is just not going to suffice anymore.  Not when I'm in need of a flavorful, filling salad entree option.   The Palm Beach salad definitely fits the bill.

Bricktops' Palm Beach Salad.  Photo taken from the Dish by M.M. Cloutier for the Palm Beach Post.

This beautifully prepared deconstructed stack of avocado, lump crab meat, tomato, shrimp and chopped egg surrounded by micro greens and cherry tomatoes had me at hello.   I admit that my initial infatuation was ignited first by the micro greens.  I don't know what it is about micro greens but I can't help but love them.  Maybe it's because I myself am petite.  It's like they were made for me.  But the true stars of this plate?  The avocado and the shrimp.   The wonderful thing about avocado is that it soaks up the flavor of whatever it's paired and seasoned with.  In this salad, that allows the avocado to serve as a healthy, substantive and flavorful alternative to dressing.  That's a good thing because the shrimp on this plate does not need to be overwhelmed by anything else.  This shrimp is perfectly dressed, not drowned as so often can be the case.  And the methodical stacking of this salad makes it easy for one to compose each and every ideal bite.

I love the fresh clean taste of this plate.  You may too.  I guarantee that I will be making a return trip to Bricktops so that I can order this again soon.   Perhaps I may see you there.

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